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Sun Phase Electrical was founded by Andy Graham. An accomplished Horticulturalist turned Electrician, Andy already
knew how he wanted to run a business. He created Sun Phase Electrical because he wanted to offer and be able to
guarantee a reliable, transparent and top-quality solar installation option for clients.
Andy started his Electrician’s apprenticeship in 2016 and by 2020 he was the leading hand installer on multiple
Energy Aware Installations across Melbourne, including:
-the initial 600kW installation at the Queen Victoria Market
- a unique vertical installation of 40kW PV atop the 48-storey-high Paragon Tower in the Melbourne CBD
- a 350kW roof mount inverter system at Bialik College in Hawthorn.
Andy has worked for two of the biggest solar installation companies in Victoria and has accrued a great amount of
practical experience designing, installing and fault-finding PV systems ranging in size from 3kW all the way up to
Sun Phase Electrical prides itself on a solid reputation due to the quality of workmanship and level of ongoing care
that is offered.
How exactly we do things is described here.
If you’re interested in utilising Sun Phase Electrical, please fill out the below enquiry form which will
provide us with crucial information for preparing your Solar Install quote.

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